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Who is esmee denters dating

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So here we have uncovered the trail of Esmee Denters, stay here to know more.You Tube artists do not get a big break easily, especially into the Hollywood music.

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Singing Beginnings: "I have been singing since as long as I can remember, probably since I could open my mouth.Music makes me feel like I belong."Influences: "I listened to a lot of different kinds of music since my dad has always been a music freak.I grew up with a lot of soul music as well as The Beatles and Classical music.He immediately loved it and signed me a month later." Debut Album Insight: "The album is a reflection of the person that I am.I wrote/co-wrote on most of the songs so a lot of it is personal.Surrounded by a lot of competition Esmee still managed to make a mark on the global platform as a You Tube artist.

Though she had a quick breakthrough, she soon had to face a downtime as well.

There are some fun, club songs and in others, I showed my vulnerable side.

It is a pop record with other influences such as R&B and rock.

As I got older I was infatuated with the Spice Girls and Janet Jackson."On Justin Timberlake: "I have always admired his work, so when I realized Justin had seen my video's and wanted to meet me backstage at one of his shows it felt very surreal.

I guess when I was there my drive kind of took over my nerves and I asked him if it was ok to play him a song on the piano in the room.

I love what the b.tempt'd brand stands for and admire their dedication and support of Susan G Komen.