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Updating library automation

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Custom backlights enabled image acquisition of a front view and side view of the rivet.

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The first is through a Web application specifically designed with a custom user interface to allow mobile phone users easy access.Option two carefully repairs the existing control system when failures occur using well stocked spare parts shelves, careful planning, and a little bit of luck.This can often be the lowest cost path, but eventually the shelf will be empty and an upgrade or retrofit will be required.The second method is through native mobile applications.Currently, the Library World Mobile Search program is available for Apple's i Phone and i Pad and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.Option three identifies critical hardware and then upgrades select devices while some existing and supportable equipment remains in place.

Careful engineering and integration can make this a cost-effective solution with minimal downtime.

The end of support for a control system is another reason to upgrade.

In the Control Design June 2013 article “Before Ripping Out That Old Automation System, Try Getting it Back in Shape First”, Michael Lindley, vice president at Concept Systems ( a systems integrator in Albany, Ore., stepped in to support inspection equipment at an aerospace company whose original equipment supplier went out of business.

Obsolete machine control systems can be replaced with a new system, but upgrade or repair may be a better option.

If your manufacturing facility uses and supports automated equipment, or if you are an OEM equipment builder supplying the end user, the reality of control system failure and obsolescence will impact your equipment and operations at some point. Option one completely replaces the control system from the ground up.

With a bar code scanner you rarely have to touch the keyboard.