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HITS BPOS has helped facilitate our growth and the support team is fantastic! It's great for inventory management and point-of-sale.We do a little bit of everything from towing to commercial to retail and HITS is great in all aspects of the business.

HITS is a cloud-based auto shop and tire dealership management solution for small and midsize businesses.Most often, my needs are met immediately, but there have been times when it has taken a few days to solve specific issues....but, I'm certain that they will take care of my needs everytime.I cannot recall a time that I was told "that's not possible".Service CAT and Tire Link can be purchased as add-on packages.HITS offers inventory management, appointment scheduling, accounting and labor management.Perry Gerber Gerber Tire and Service Center What an AWESOME program for a Tire Store-Auto Repair ... Hits and Service Cat is much more cost effective than is competiton... The software is amazing, and the support people are great. I have been a customer since 2009, not very computer savy I was nervous about using any operating system.

Service Cat is the best feature we have ever used in a POS ..we were with R. The Andreoli Staff made it effortless, and I couldn't ask anymore from them, there always right there when you need them and what a great program it is.

Some features such as building invoices are a little tough at first but you easily get the hang of it.

as long as they listen to their customers suggestions and build upon what their clients ask they can easily continue to grow and expand their offerings with the Hits BPOS product.

Three separate modules are available: HITS BPOS, HITS Service CAT, and HITS Tire Link.

BPOS is the core module, providing point-of-sale capabilities for wholesale, retail and commercial operations.

Void where prohibited.- High-quality molded plastic is rugged and durable and cleans easily with mild soap and water- Perfectly matches the interior contours of your Honda- Molded-in ribs and texture give added rigidity and strength- Raised sides give added protection Coupon not valid with any other offer.