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I like to have romance and comedy and heartfelt family drama and something more telenovela-esque and fantastical. And writing Jane’s emotional stuff isn’t as difficult because we know the characters so well, and letting them process and react to the events is the fun of it.

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And because the show operates on such a meta level, it very much feels like a defense of the romance genre. You always get people saying, it’s a guilty pleasure. It doesn’t have all the signifiers of deep, meditative, thicker work that we normally give more weight to. It was the place we needed the bullet to go in for events to begin. There have been a lot of fan theories suggesting Michael would die. So there have been hints of events that will happen.Having somebody who’s really critical makes the moment when they do like and appreciate your work that much more valid.When Jane had her idea for what she’ll be working on next year, Professor Donaldson was trying to get her to dig deeper and she pushed her to a place where she can have all of that romance, but she can also deepen the story and make it more personal and more significant.I’m more just open to where we are thematically and what fits in with those themes we’ve explored. It’s just a matter of planning and time and execution. What was going on, why it was going on, and ultimately what Rose hoped with her future with Luisa.So you had, even in this episode, there was that brief musical interlude, which of course makes me wonder if you would do a musical episode. I would want to do it right, and it feels like the show is built for something like that. And I wouldn’t want to do it if we couldn’t do it in a really strong, fun, and different way. Are we going to get a little more about the backstory of what exactly happened between Rose and Susanna? And the question will be, can Luisa forgive the things that Rose has done, such as killing her father, in order to embark on this epic romance?ended with a shot right to the heart — or at least, right near the heart.

Michael Cordero, beloved husband of Jane Gloriana Villanueva, was shot in the chest on their wedding night.

What else can we look forward to in the third season that you can share?

You know, definitely we’ll be getting into the things about this unexpected pregnancy.

I feel like we have a big sandbox to play in because we have characters that we all know and understand, and we have the world of magical realism. By virtue of being on broadcast and doing so many episodes per season, do you feel like you’re running out of track to lay down? As a person who wants a little bit of balance in her life, of course less episodes could afford that.

Do you sometimes feel like you wish you were just doing ten episodes? There’s just a lot of burden in terms of generating so much plot.

Were there moments that were challenging for you to write this season?