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The Crimean peninsula also has significant pro-West Catholic and Muslim minorities.About 10,000 Muslim Tartars rallied in Crimean capital of Simferopol in support of pro-West interim government in Kiev which Russia opposes. Russian Navy has a large naval base at the Black Sea port of Sevastopol.

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US and EU need to tread very carefully in Ukraine which Russia sees as its backyard.Pakistani label HSY often has their own range of westernised outfits alongside their bridal and formal wear, which is also quite popular.I quite like this design below as it captures the idea of a over-coat style dress made from raw silk, and it is an outfit which is all about the cut of the dress, rather than the design or embellishment.It helps Russia project its power in the Mediterranean Sea.A substantial amount of Russian natural gas exports flow through Crimea and other parts of Ukraine via pipelines to Western Europe.It was transferred by Soviet Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev from Russia to Ukraine in 1954.

Here's an except of a New York Times story on Tartar Muslims in Crimea: "The minority Tatars, however, have little love for Moscow after being deported en masse by Joseph Stalin and, now back in their homeland, want to carve out their own space inside Ukraine.

Any missteps could lead to a larger international crisis far beyond Europe.

This is a Short film showing the life of a Newly wedded Man, and the problem he faces. v=2c5Ag..third nasheed , Al kahliq (la ilaha illaha)https://

Crimea was a majority Muslim Khanate in the Ottoman Empire before it was overrun by the Russian empire.

After defeating the Ottoman Empire in Crimea, the Russian empire expelled large numbers of Turkic Muslims and brought ethnic Russians to settle there, reducing Muslim population to about 12% now.

One of my friends was looking into a simple wedding dress a while back when she about to get married, and this was one of the designs she really loved, as it was simple design, yet was such a wonderfully rich red.