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Renew library books online essex

If you have any items of interest that you think would be suitable to be included on our website please let us know via our website Join & Contact Us page, phone 01702 207297 or drop in to 25B Belchamps Way or 2 Englefield Close.

The next meeting will be on the 11 January 2018 at 7.30pm at Greensward Academy room GG27 in the Creative Arts Block next to the main car park.I recently borrowed a couple of books and was surprised that I had not used this service for more that 4 years requiring me to renew my membership.This got me thinking that many people like me may be using the library but going unrecorded by the library system.Some of you may believe building all these homes is a good idea, that we need additional affordable homes for our residents and their children in the future.Whatever your views on this, to build all these homes without better roads and local facilities, including the NHS, will be disastrous.I am fed-up resetting clocks, timers, alarms, the sky box and getting the computer to work again.

If I had an electric car, that they say we will all be driving in the future, I would also be hanging around waiting for it to charge up.

Search for the "Hockley Allotment Society" Facebook page for the latest info.

Did you know that if you are the only person aged 18 or over living in your property that you may be entitled to a 25% reduction in your Council Tax?

I am not blaming anyone as I also find them a pain to do.

Living not far away, I often pop into the Library for something or just to have a look round.

The Hockley Residents Association have decided to form a sub-committee to tackle the Rochford District Council (RDC) have plans to build an additional 7,500 homes across our district.