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Greatexpectations dating site

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Christine said it's not fair to compare the local operation to other franchises because each office is owned and managed by different people."We haven't had complaints like that in our office," Christine said.

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Eleven days later, when she got her first look at the firm's available dating pool, Musack decided she had made a mistake.The Wisconsin case is on hold pending the resolution of a dispute between Great Expectations and its insurer.Officials with the company's corporate office in Austin, Texas, referred calls to the Minnesota franchise.The site has yet to match her up with anyone, but that might not matter.In the past week, Musack said, she has started dating a guy she's known for years. Seven customers remained unsatisfied despite the company's attempts to resolve their complaints, according to the BBB.

"Eleven complaints out of 1,800 members - you think that's bad? Musack said she had high expectations when she joined Great Expectations.

She said Musack spent time online and got the phone numbers of five different men between July 13 and 31. The company has "been bending over backward for this lady," Christine said. Among the company's alleged misrepresentations: significantly overstating the number of eligible members and failing to conduct promised criminal background checks on all members.

In 2010, Great Expectations agreed to a settlement that provided partial refunds to some customers and restricted the way the company markets its services in Washington.

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In Minnesota, at least 10 customers have sued Great Expectations in small claims court, but court records do not show the outcome of those cases.