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Good places to camp in east sussex

Large groups: check the listing page for any group restrictions set out in the terms and section titled ‘Please note’.

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Similarly Spring Barn farm is another family friendly day out.This should help to prevent your address being picked up by those programs which search the Internet for addresses to send spam to. On his return to the UK on November 20th of 1946, his aircraft went down near Suez soon after take-off and all 6 x crewmen were killed in the accident and laid to rest in Armed Forces Cemetery in Cairo . Following this he transferred to 10 BOD at Geneifa. His family were also out there; my father Kenneth, aunt Marjorie and Grandmother Phoebe. A few other names from the section are George Chalmers from North East, Eric Clothier, ? Some Corporals names, Clinton, Coulthard and Wiggins. I am contacting you on behalf of my father Barry Williams and his friend Lowrie.served at RAF Kasafareet in 1953 to 1956. I have the contact names, addresses and telephone numbers of people who served at the BMH Fayid 1950 -1956.As a member of the Blue Aces Speedway team I raced against many teams in the Canal Zone at that time. Do you remember on the opening day when the Blue Aces raced the Tech Dons and the program winner who won a Triumph Motorbike? My Grandfather died in 1969 whilst working in the Isle of Man on the Summerland project. I have just found your website and scrolled through the list but most seem to be after my time. If anyone can help with information, I would be oblidged. He was in the Army attached to a small group of Royal Signals at El Firdan, but worked in No1 Airmens Mess, I worked in No2. Must also mention Glen Wortley who was on the Malta aircrash and was selected from the bed next to me in the transit billet. Also about El Hamra,does anyone remember the detention cell and gallows and a searchlight tower which are not shown on the El Hamra map. They have contacted two people, Gerry Beesley and Jack Hobson via your site, they served with 51 MT. My name then was Diana Clark and I’d like to know if anyone knew my Dad who was a Flt Lt in the RAF stationed at Kabrit in 1953 to 1954. The reason I am not sure is because I could have been in Aba with the 'Skins' then trained with the dogs in Geneifa, I seem to have lost my marbles after that. This has resulted from the Reunion in Derby 15th and 16th September 2007.I am looking for Henry or anyone who remembers him in 30 Company. The people I recall in the pay office at Kabrit were a Flt. I never knew him but I would like someone to help me find out about his life. Some names I remember, Derek Cherry from Lichfield, Ernie Rampling from London, Ted East from Ely, Barney Parker from Wells. At the end of my service we both were at Pirbright Camp in Surrey in the U. I would like to hear from anyone so we could fill in the gaps. My father is now dead but if anyone remembers him it would be good to get some info. When you don't use these names they seem to join up all together. Please contact me for "Lost Pals", and add your own contact address and telephone number. I was unfortunate to come home on the 'Empire Windrush' 28 March 1954.If anyone remembers me or Alf Pappworth from the same company, please e-mail me at the above e-mail address. My father William Foster passed away last Saturday 06/02/2010 aged 81 years and I was looking through his photo album (the same one that on your home page) Would it be possible to post his details just encase anyone knew him, it would be great to hear of anyone who did. I enjoyed looking at the photos, brought back some memories. Hi Charlie, just to let you know that Bert Fairclough and I are in firm contact at last and we are talking up a storm with photos and phone calls, but we have a lot of catching up to do yet. I remember one friend John Tritton who celebrated his 21st Birthday on the same day as my 8th Birthday in Kabrit. Does anybody remember the mechanised laundry on Kasfareet? We were stationed together at 10 Base Ordnance Geneifa from 1953 to 1955, we ran the 10 BOD bookshop in 1954. The 2nd Battalion was made up of a few Irish regulars and loads of cockney pratts like myself, but....a great bunch of blokes, the sense of humour was brilliant. If there is anybody who could put my intelligence on the right lines again, brilliant. Sunday morning when she caught fire we were rescued by a Belgium cargo ship.He may have been a Corporal or Leading Aircraftsman and he was one of those chosen to represent the RAF at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. Anyone who was at 42 during August 1952 - December 1953 would have come across me because I was Armoury Storeman and one day each week, either Wednesday or Thursday. I have made contact with 2 other members who were at the Fanara Detachment, and also two others who were there when the camp was across the water in Port Fouad. Please see the photo of the Radio Section, 84 Squadron (RAF Abu Sueir - Jan 1956) that I recently submitted to this website ( Three of us are already in contact: Roger Strike (left), John Walsh (right) and me (2nd from left) - but where are the other four? If you have any information, or would like to know more of the details I already have, please contact me via the above e-mail address. Only just become aquainted with this Magic Box (Computer). Sqdn and Sgt Tommy Thompson - Station Armoury.26 Oct 07 G'Day Charlie D. You posted my details on 18th Oct and I was contacted by a Zone Vet on the 23rd. An announcement on your website of the fact would also help. And finally RAF Lyneham from the 7th January 1956 to 13th November 1956 exit RAF into civi street.

I seem to recall the Squadron to have been something like 205 or 206 but am not sure. Everyone had to draw their weapons for cleaning, these would be randomly inspected the next day by the Orderly Officer or R. I came home on the Empire Fowey and left Port Said 29th April 1956. Also, any 84 Sqn members from the Valetta era can contact Andy at Following the discovery of his briefcase containing nearly sixty years of personal belongings, I am researching the history of Captain Crisswell who served in the R. Anyone from those happy days still on this mortal coil. Together with Adrian (Harry) Wansborough we have been trying to find members of this band. He lives about a mile from me and was a storeman at RAF Fayid. Bye for now from Chris the Yorkshireman now living in Hampshire. I have noticed a couple of pictures that appear on this website's 'Photo Album' with my father featured in them and I am keen to fine out more information.

For more ideas, please visit our things to do in Sussex pages.

There are other websites where you can search for lost service pals, but as many of these are open to all ex and present service personnel, no matter where or when they served, I have found them large, usually difficult to navigate and time consuming.

Lewes Brooks Cliff Hill and Firle Beacon are close by and offer pleasant walks for all abilities and stunning views of the Sussex coastline.

For music lovers Glyndbourne is a must see, an English country house which now runs an extensive performance programme and the famous Glyndebourne opera festival each year.

To make an entry on those websites one usually has to register, pay for the privilege, and remember another password. and of course other ranks in the office too - namely: Brian Carrol ( Chartered Accountant from Salford, Lancashire ) Laurie Kirwin, Jimmy Whitehead ( from the Newcastle area ) Brian Selway, Alex Baillie and a few others.