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I did have moments when I broke down and felt unsure.'But I learned from the experiences and I was able to overcome my old thought patterns and embrace a more loving outlook.

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But if you're a single man and your pictures wont include a spouse, don't pose only nude photos unless they're true pieces of art!A former banker who enjoys swinging with her husband has revealed everything you wanted to know about the swingers' lifestyle in an explosive tell-all book.Jackie Melfi and her husband John - both 53 from Texas - engage in sex with other people (both men and women), go to swingers clubs and even go on threesome holidays with their sexual partners.The grandmother-of-seven met current partner John after splitting from her second husband five years ago and he introduced her to the 'swinging lifestyle'.Having only been in traditional monogamous marriages before then, Jackie went from having fears about swinging - to feeling confident and secure enough to go on a 'threesome vacation' with John and another woman called Nora in 2015.In life, we often allow our fear to dictate how we view the situation instead of testing our fears to see if they're in fact real.


I often receive emails from people who are worried that they are overweight or not attractive enough to swing successfully.

But swingers are such a broad range of couples and singles.

Through her book, Jackie wants to help and inform others who felt the same doubts and worries she initially had about opening up her relationship.

She has now compiled a selection of the most asked and provocative questions in her new book 'Swingers' Lifestyle: The Questions You Are Afraid To Ask'.

It was truly a threesome vacation - we slept in the same bed, dined together, explored cities together and everything else.