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Configuration options available for updating windows xp

When working with Windows Update it is important to remember that you must be either logged in as an administrator or have access to an administrator's login credentials in order to install any updates. Windows Update Screen From this screen you can configure how Windows will check and install updates, check for new updates and Ultimate extras, display any available updates or extras, manage them, and install them.

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This option should really only be used by people who know exactly what updates they need or those who have limited access to the Internet.Windows Update is Microsoft's delivery platform for downloading and installing updates to fix problems found in the Microsoft operating system or other related software.Windows Update is also the platform where you can download new features, add-ons, and Ultimate Extras if you are running Windows Vista.You may remember from Figure 1 that there were no updates available.As we were writing this tutorial, though, new updates had been downloaded to the computer and are now available to install.Install updates automatically (recommended) - If you select this option then all critical updates will be downloaded automatically and installed on your computer.

These updates will be installed at the time you specify in the fields labeled Install new updates.

This amount of code and the complexity of a program invariably lead to mistakes or oversights.

When these errors are found the software developer will usually release an updates that can be used to fix the errors.

You will now be at a screen where you will be able to set up how Windows will download and install updates on your computer. Windows Update settings Windows provides four different methods for how Windows Update will update your computer.

Below we explain each method and when it is the recommended setting.

For those who do not know what an Ultimate Extras is, they are premium content and applications that are only available to owner of the Windows Vista Ultimate. The first are Important, or Critical, Updates, which are necessary to install in order to fix security holes or major issues within Windows.